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distribution, because you're giving them a constant stream of product.” The key to success for any Hollywood production is the ability to tell a good story, so Ed is planning to “create interesting characters, then launch them into compelling stories, then overlap the characters from some of these different stories,” similar to the Avengers series.

With more than 20 years of experience and an Emmy in his background, Polgardy knows he can successfully produce good stories. Just as importantly, he understands that, while a business like this maybe the dream of one man, it can't succeed without the help of other talented and experienced people. So, he's “calling all in all of his connections and forming partnerships with people he's worked with in the past who have expertise in these other areas,” and he's bringing them all together to form an IP launching pad. “I've been Gathering troops over the years, and some of my associates now have had great success in the kind of movies that I want to make.” These industry professionals will help finance the film fund and also “broaden the talent pool, as well as the financial base.”

In general, good storytelling works on many levels, because there are interesting themes and sub-plots. With this in mind, Polgardy is exploring the reasons for societal violence and is hoping to figure out “what it is about our society that is driving kids to violence and school shootings.” Polgardy is dealing with that in one of his new projects that is currently in development. But he never forgets the fact that he is also a film producer with a responsibility to earn money. The profit these movies will make will hopefully perpetuate the film fund, so he can continue telling these overlapping stories through sequels. “The idea of transmedia in this context is that each and every part of licensing and marketing accomplished contributes to the visibility of the project and might possibly result in games and apps hitting the marketplace even before the picture is finished.”

There is no doubt that this is an ambitious project, but it's not as if low-budget Indie filmmaking is, in itself, a new concept. Incredibly successful films like Rocky were made on shoestring budgets and turned into massive hits spawning big-budget sequels. If that kind of success comes to Polgardy’s Black Hat Magic Productions, he wouldn't complain but in all likelihood the films will meet with the kind of success he's anticipating. But with all the tie-ins and broad marketing base, there is every reason to believe that the Hollywood outsider from Easton, Pennsylvania, will pull something out of his black hat and succeed.

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