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The difference is that he is imagining a world where the story telling is continuous and held together as a single universe.

This idea has been germinating in Polgardy's mind since he co-created and wrote the limited comic book series From the Darkness for Adventure Comics in 1991 and worked as an editor and writer at Defiant Comics with former Marvel and Valiant Comics writer and editor Jim Shooter in 1993. Polgardy realized that Marvel Comics had “interesting characters, whose stories overlap,” which created an integrated universe of characters. Marvel made movies about the Hulk, Ironman, Captain America, and Thor, “which eventually evolved into The Avengers.” He was impressed when Marvel then put the characters back into their own movies and those movies are now leading up to a 2015 sequel called Avengers: Age of Ultron.

As an independent filmmaker, Polgardy doesn't have access to blockbuster budgets, but he has learned how to make convincing special effects like those that helped drive the movie The Ghostmaker. With that knowledge and a storytelling ability that won him an Emmy in 2001, he believes he can create a brand new world that will be driven by relatively inexpensive films coupled with tie-in products, as well as anything else that will broaden the marketing base of his company. Black Hat Magic Productions.

Polgardy came to believe that “Indie filmmakers need to forge new paths and find new ways to market their material.” So, he hit on the idea of “putting together a series of movies that are based on intellectual properties (IP) that can be rolled out into various media.” When asked to explain how he would go about such a venture, he says, “I'm trying to put together a feature film fund where we'll make a series of million-dollar movies and have the strong level of effects like we did in Ghostmaker.” The idea is to “create product that has more of a shelf life, so you can go beyond one little movie,” and it's “easier to set up

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