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Ed Polgardy, president of Black Hat Magic Productions, is an acclaimed comic book

creator-writer-editor, an Emmy-Award-winning television producer-director,

and a successful feature film writer-producer-director.


Polgardy co-created the internationally recognized hit comic book series “From The Darkness”

and “From The Darkness: Blood Vows”, and wrote the graphic novel adaptation of

Quentin Tarantino's “From Dusk 'Til Dawn”.

As Senior Editor at Jim Shooter's Defiant Comics, he developed, wrote, and edited several hit titles, including “The Good Guys” and “Dark Dominion” (penciled by “Spider-Man” co-creator Steve Ditko).

Polgardy also held the Editor-in-Chief position at BIG Entertainment where he worked with

celebrity concept creators John Jakes, Mickey Spillane, Tom Clancy, and Neil Gaiman.

The resulting intellectual properties were licensed to Miramax, Alliance Entertainment, and ABC TV.


Polgardy’s TV work includes producing and directing: “Today’s Environment”, starring Ed Begley, Jr., “Millennium”, hosted by Peter Weller, “The Best of Wine and Food”, featuring George Hamilton, “.COM” and “.COM Kids”, starring Mark Hamill, “Elegance with Ivana”, featuring Ivana Trump, “Women in Charge”, with Nancy Glass, “First Priority”, hosted by Hunter Tylo, “Healthy Solutions”, starring Mariette Hartley, and “Monsterama”, featuring Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson.

Polgardy also helped create Price/Parker, a television production company where he developed, produced, and directed “Identity”, a female-empowerment show that aired on The Learning Channel.

Moving into fictional programming, Polgardy produced “Oh Jerome, No” (starring Mamoudou Athie,Natasha Lyonne, and Georgina Campbell)  through his Black Hat Magic Productions company, a short-form television series—eight 12-minute episodes—that aired on  "Cake" on Disney's FXX Network and garnered a Best Actor Emmy Award nomination for star Mamoudou Athie.


As a screenwriter, Polgardy has had a number of his feature film scripts optioned

and green-lit for production.

Polgardy produced the motion pictures “Masked Mutilator” (featuring Brick Bronsky, Glenn Hetrick,

and James DeBello), which he also co-wrote, “The Halfway House” (starring cult-film icon

Mary Woronov), “The Ghostmaker” (starring Aaron Dean Eisenberg),

“Window Of Opportunity” (with producing partner John Densmore, legendary rock-‘n’-roll

drummer from The Doors), “Dark Desire” (featuring Kelly Lynch and Michael Nouri),

“Megachurch Murder” (starring Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Corbin Bleu and Romeo Miller), “The Wretched” (featuring John-Paul Howard, Piper Curda, Kevin Bigley, and Azie Tesfai), which was the number one movie in America for six weeks straight in the summer of  2020, and "Feed Me" (starring Christopher Mulvin, Neal Ward, Hannah Al Rashid, and Samantha Loxley).

He line produced “Boiler Maker” (starring John Savage), and co-produced “Laid to Rest”

(featuring Lena Headey and Thomas Dekker).

As a second unit director, Polgardy worked on “Death’s Door”, “Laid to Rest”, “Dark House”,

“The Ghostmaker” and “The Wretched”.


Ed Polgardy creates and develops intellectual properties for film and TV at

Black Hat Magic Productions, Inc., a development, production, and licensing company

that he founded in 2010. He’s currently working on a feature-length crime thriller

called “Kill Everything” that he created, co-wrote and is scheduled to direct.

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